Edna and Elmer's children Prather family photo
Cindi Scott

Edna and Elmer's children

These are Edna and Elmer Prather's children. This picture was probably taken in the early 1930's. I will list all 8 children, you decide who is who. Bernard Ersel b.3/25/1944, Charles William b.7/26/1936,Gladys Loraine b.2/11/1939, Elmer Elliot Jr b.7/4/1944, Lois Jean b.3/4/1946, Margaret Loiuse b.12/30/1947, Carl Edward b.4/12/1950, Elizabeth Allen b.9/8/1954 ... show more

The Mystery

Are these Edna and Elmer Prather's children?

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