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b. 9/4/1873 D. Suicide 12/5/1902
Child of William Wallace Wise and Francis Magee (John Magee/Mariette Patchin)
One of several Obituaries:
A Sad Case
(out of a Syracuse paper?)

Edward R wise, son of the late former deputy county clerk William W Wise, committed suicide at Syracuse last Saturday afternoon by firing a bullet through his brain. He was twenty eight years old and was an exceptionally bright young man. In 1895 he graduated from the Normal and was regarded as on of the best scholars in his class. After graduating he taught at Rushville for two years and made such a good principal that when he resigned, his brother was elected to succeed him. He then entered Syracuse University and graduated from the law college of that institution last June. After which he took bar examinations and passed successfully. He entered the law firm of Baldwin & Magee in Syracuse as head clerk and his prospects seemed bright, but on Saturday he shot himself as noted.
No cause in known for his act, and no theory can be formed. It seemed like a case of suicide without reason . The body was brought to Groveland and buried last Tuesday. The services were at the home of his uncle, E M Magee, Rev Dr J. E. White officiating
at Groveland, Geneseo, NY USA


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