Elsie (Carr) & John I. Tyree's 50th Anniversary Tyree family photo
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Elsie (Carr) & John I. Tyree's 50th Anniversary

This is Elsie and John's 50th wedding anniversary picture. At the time of their anniversary, John was manager and president of the Lawrence County Beverage Co., Inc. in Bedford, Indiana.

John and Elsie had her mother Priscilla (Sheeks) Carr living with them for many years until she passed away.

Ihave only fond memories of Elsie and John. He had such a wry sense of humor. I didn't get it for quite awhile what happened to my pet duck John dropped off at my childhood home, before he continued his journey taking a prisoner to prison. He kept asking me every time he saw me after that and chuckled when I told him it flew away. Finally, I figured out the awful truth!

I used to spend two weeks each summer visiting them, and learned among other things how to gather eggs, how to quilt, and how to make an angel food cake! I was not successful bringing the cows home. When they moved toward me, I was terrified!
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Photo taken at Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana on
Elsie (Carr) & John I. Tyree's 50th Anniversary

Elsie (Carr) Tyree

Born: Nov 7, 1890
Died: unknown
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