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First calculating machine presented to Smithsonian. Washington, D.C., March 31. An old macaroni box filled with an arrangement of wheels, rubber bands, meat skewers and staples which was the forerunner of the modern key-driven, multiple-order calculating machine, was presented to the Smithsonian Institution today. The scarred old box was designed and constructed by Dorr E. Felt, young Chicago mechanic, 52 years ago when he first started in to solve the problem of what is now the modern calculating machine. Mrs. Raymond J. Koch, (right) oldest daughter of the late inventor, is shown making the prsentation to Dr. Charles G. Abbot, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. In the center is Raymond J. Koch, 3/31/1937

Part of the U.S. Library of Congress's Harris & Ewing Collection (Library of Congress).

Harris & Ewing, photographer
  • Glass negatives.
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  • Gift; Harris & Ewing, Inc. 1955.
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