First Settlers of Hartford Church family photo

First Settlers of Hartford

Monument tribute to the first settlers of Hartford. This side of the monument includes:
Richard Church
Jeremy Adams
Matthew Allyn
Francis Andrews
William Andrews
Jjohn Arnold
Andrew Bacon
John Barnard
Thomas Barnes
Robert Bartlett
John Baysey
Thomas Beale
Nathaniel Bearding
Mary Betts
John BidwellRichard Billing
Thomas Birchwood
Peter BlackFord
Thomas Blackley
Thomas Bliss Sr.,
Thomas Bliss Jr.,
William Blumfield
James Bridgeman
John Bronson
Richard Bronson
Thomas Bull
Thomas Bunce
Benjamin Burr
Richard Butler
William Butler
Clement Chaplin
Dorothy Chester
Richard Church
John Clarke
Nicholas Clarke
William Clarke
James Cole
William COrnwell
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Jacky Ridley Only two women??
Reply posted Nov 06, 2011 11:22 am
Daniel Pinna I believe that there are at least two other sides to this monument that we can not see/read. But if it were true that there were only two women then it's amazing Hartford is still around! :)
Reply posted Nov 06, 2011 11:25 am
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