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Frances "Fannie" Benjamin Johnston was a female pioneer of American photographers and journalists. Having been raised by a wealthy family and after attending excellent schools around the world, Frances Johnston began by writing periodicals before finally settling on photography (in large thanks to George Eastman - the inventor of the Eastman Kodak cameras) as her creative outlet.

Fannie Benjamin's primary focus was on taking portrait photographs, and began her fame as her portfolio grew to include Susan B. Anthony and Mark Twain amongst others. She also photographed many historical events of interest, including the World's Fairs and political peace-treaty signings.

Frances Benjamin Johnston was born in Grafton West Virginia January 15th, 1864 and died in the French Quarter of New Orleans on May 16th 1952.
in United States of America
Johnston, Frances Benjamin, 1864-1952, photographer
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  • Frances Benjamin Johnston Collection.
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