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This is a Photo of Francis Alexander Heaton and Lillian May Frerichs after their wedding in 1915. The best man is Franks Boxing Manager William Murphy and the little girl and boy are Lillis's sister and brother. The marriage broke up by 1920 and the two sons were cared for by relatives of Lillis's. The youngest son was my wifes father, who never saw his father or mother again. Lillis died in Sydney in 1941 and Frank remarried (No divorce) in 1923, and died in Brisbane in 1950. We have never been able to track Franks family before 1914 in Murwillumbah and Toowoomba. He says he was born in Footscray, Melbourne,22/01/1891 and was kicked out of home at 12 years of age and lived under bridges and where ever he could. We first found him on the electoral roll in Toowoomba in 1913. If anyone has a missing relative who may be Frank please contact me.
in Murwillumbah, New South Wales Australia


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