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Photo of George Nicholas Waid found in an antique shop in Snohomish, Washington. Back of photo is handwritten:
"Presented to Robert A. Furgeson by Francis C. Waid...December 3, 1885. George N. Waid's portrait is in Crawford Co. History." Francis Waid was George's brother. Located in 1885 "isotry and Biography of Crawford Co., PA" the following sketch:

pages 1180-81
GEORGE N. WAID, farmer, P. 0. Meadville, was born in Woodcock Township, this county, October 27, 1829; son of Ira C. and Elizabeth P. (Morehead) Waid, natives of Connecticut. Ira C. was a son of Pember Waid, of Connecticut, and settled in Woodcock Township, this county, in 1816, locating on the farm now owned by Francis C. Waid, which they cleared and improved. Mrs. Ira C. Waid was a daughter of Robert and Sarah (Clark) Morehead, former a native of Ireland, and who settled in Vernon Township, this county, in 1818. To Ira C. Waid and his wife were born four children, viz.: Robert L., deceased; George N.; Franklin P., deceased, and Francis C.—the last two named were twins. Our subject was married, April 30, 1855, to Mary J., daughter of Cyrus and Priscilla (Gilbert) Bean, early settlers of this township, formerly of Bucks County, Penn. To this union were born ten children: Iowa (born in Lee County, Iowa, wife of Walter Joslin, and living in this county), Elizabeth P. (born in Lee County, Iowa, wife of William Riddle, and living in Bolivar, Allegany Co., N. Y.), Blanche E. (also a native of Lee County, Iowa, wife of Augustus Anderhalt, and living in Union, Erie Co., Penn.), Greely (died March 27, 1864, aged two years, ten months and five days), Grant N., Ira C., Jennie L., Plunmar B., Lloyd, and Charley (born October 21, 1881). Mr. Waid moved to Iowa in 1855, taking a span of good horses with him, and bringing them back to Crawford County on his return home in 1860. While in Iowa our subject was visited in the spring of 1857 by his parents, and in the fall of 1860 by his brother, Francis C., who then for the first time saw " the West," and he accompanied his brother and family on their journey fifteen days after leaving West Point, Iowa, as far as Indianapolis, Ind., where he left them, thence returned to Erie, Penn., by rail, and from there to Meadville by stage. Our subject's father assisted him in buying a piece of land in Iowa, on which he built a house and which he farmed until his return home, but several years afterward sold, as renting property so far away was not profitable. Mr. Waid has resided since 1865 on his present farm located on the Dickson road, four miles northeast of Meadville, and one mile north of the Methodist Episcopal Church on the State road. He has a saw-mill for custom work, which he operates during four months in each year. Mr. Waid enlisted during the late Rebellion in July, 1862; received a gunshot through the lungs at the battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 1863, and was honorably discharged on account of disability February 18, 1864. Francis C. Waid, George N. Waid, and their brother-in-law, George W. Cutshall, have traveled many thousand miles together. In 1876 they visited the Centennial; in the fall of 1880 they had the pleasure of visiting friends and relatives in Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska; and in December, 1883, they made a trip to Knoxville, East Tenn., on which occasion Mr. Francis C. Waid's mission was one of business and to see his eldest son. Mr. Waid in politics is independent. His portrait appears in this volume through the liberality and as a complimentary tribute from his only brother now living, F. C. Waid.
at Pennington Photographers, Meadville, Crawford Co., Pennsylvania USA


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