Harris Ave, Bellingham, Wa 1915

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Postcard date 1915 showing Harris Ave., Bellingham, Washington. The area is now called "Fairhaven" but the street was named for Daniel Jefferson Harris, called 'Dirty Dan Harris'in 1867 because of his unkempt look and lack of bathing. Dan Harris filed the plat for the Town of Fairhaven on January 2, 1883 and grossed almost $22,000 by the end of that year by selling 238 lots.
He obviously improved his appearance as he married Bertha L. Wasmer on October 17, 1885.
'Dirty Dan' was a harpooner, a pioneer, a rum-runner, a trader, a sailor, a land speculator and a developer. Daniel Jefferson Harries died in 1890.
at Harris Ave., Fairhaven, Whatcom County, Washington USA


Kathy Pinna "Dirty Dan" must be a common Whatcom County appellation - when we lived in Whatcom County in the 1970's, our neighbor across the street (well, across the dirt road and about a block away, but it was the nearest house) was called "Dirty Dan." Or perhaps he was related to Dan Harris and they carried on the name . . . lol
Nov 26, 2011 · Reply
Pam Marks And...there is a great restaurant in Fairhaven called "Dirty Dan's" that serves great food and wine...and is thankfully cleaner than he was!
Nov 26, 2011 · Reply
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