Hugh McGranaghan & Margaret O'Meara

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Hugh McGranaghan
b 30 Sep 1850 - Green County NY
d 18 Jun 1913 - Hancock, Delaware Co., NY
Spouse: Margaret A. O'Meara
b 12 Mar 1854 - Bethel NY
m 1 Jan 1873 - Obemberg, Sullivan County, NY
d 9 May 1936 - Hancock NY

Anna R. McGranaghan
Elizabeth (Cadosia) McGranaghan
William Leo McGranaghan
Joseph McGranaghan
Charles Louis McGranaghan
John Everest McGranaghan
Sarah Anastasia McGranaghan
Marguerite Irene McGranaghan
Eugene Francis McGranaghan
Thomas Hugh McGranaghan
Edmund Burke McGranaghan
Ambrose Joseph (Hank) McGranaghan
Jerome Wilford (Jig) McGranaghan DDS

Hugh's parents were:
William McGranaghan
b 25 Dec 1817 - County Donegal Ireland
d 25 May 1896 - Hancock, NY
Spouse: Anne Daugherty
b 10 Aug 1822 - County Donegal, Ireland
m 15 Jun 1842 - Glasgow, Scotland
d 19 Dec 1893 - Hancock, NY
Facts: To the United States April 1850 on the Sir Harry S. Smith, the last of the famine boats.


Bernard (Barney) McGranaghan
William McGranaghan
Ellen (Ella) McGranaghan
Hugh McGranaghan
Sarah McGranaghan
John McGranaghan
Margaret McGranaghan
Charles McGranaghan
Peter Patrick McGranaghan
at Hancock, Delaware Co., New York


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