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William Fite This is the only picture of Jim & I that I have left. Jimmy and I used to work on 1955,1956 Chevy's. We did everything together in the last 2 years of High School and after. My ex-wife threw all the pictures away that I had of us and the old cars we worked on and bought and sold.
I have had several brain tumors in the last several years and have started to really miss the great fun and times that we shared.
Jim was more than a friend he was my brother.
I might as well have lived at his house as much as I was there.
When he and I would do something wrong his dad (Jigg's) would go to the cabinet and get a large baby food jar that had rabbit shit in it, it was marked smart pills. He would take it and place it on the table in front of us and tell us to each take a couple of them.
Needless to say it mostly worked.
Our dream was to build a Parts Store & repair shop. Best dream ever.

Jim thanks for who you were and always being a friend.
Bill Fite
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