James Cornelius Kincheloe 'Capt'

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"According to the Alexandria Gazette Captain James C. Kincheloe, a guerilla chieftain of the Chincapen Rangers and later a raider of Mosby's command, who lived in Clifton Station, wrote an interesting story about a rendezvous at the Reid farm. Captain Kincheloe wrote that while he was operating behind the Union lines, he met at William Reid's house a Miss Elizabeth Frobel, the sister of Ann Frobel, who lived at Wilton Hill and kept a diary during the war. Miss Frobel had with her a pair of gold spurs that friends and admirers from Prince George's County, Maryland, had made for General Robert E. Lee. The gold spurs were put in Captain Kincheloe's care and he was requested to send them through the Confederate lines. However, there is no documentation whether General Lee ever received these gold spurs from his admirers."
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