Jasper Mallory Daniels on China Cloud

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Jasper Mallory Daniels b 12 May 1912 S. Vancouver BC was a famous wooden ship builder in the Strait of Georgia. He changed his name to Allan Ferrell in 1945..something he regretted shortly before his death 13 Mar 2002. He was the great grandson of Candace Sarah Emery b 1825 OH and John Daniels. Two books were written about his life; Sailing Back in Time and Salt on the Wind. Jasper was know as "Mal" as a boy, a name that came from his great grandfather, Jasper Benjamin Mallory, whose daughter, Elizabeth Jerusha Mallory married Henry Brown Daniels, son of Candace Sarah Emery and John Daniels. Doesn't look 89 in the picture!
at Lasquei Island, British Columbia Canada


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