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I believe the photo is of Immogene Nelson Millard Benning, spouse of William Benning. Immogene was the daughter of Horatio Nelson Millard and Jemima Winne. Immogene was born 17 Sep 1853 in Commanche Twshp., Clinton Co., Iowa and died in Pueblo, Colorado. She was the mother of: William Nelson Benning, Henry Clay Benning, Lois jemima Benning Los Kamp, Cora mary Benning Foote, Walter Joseph Benning, Grace Edna Benning Gray, Arthur B. Benning, Mabel Prudence Benning Twist, Lloyd Harold Benning and George Lawrence Benning.
Immogene died in St. Mary's Hospital in Pueblo, Co. She was 63 years, 1 month and 18 days old, dying on November 5th, 1916. Immogene died of pneumonia, which she had for approximately 3 weeks. Information on the death cert says that Immogene was born in New York..Immogene was buried at Roselawn Cemetary on 11/7/1916; undertakers Davis & Varries. The death cert also states that Immogene lived in Colorado for 14 years preceding her death, which means they left Boone, Iowa about 1901/02.
in Pueblo, CO USA


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