Lydia Ada Allison - Edward Alexander McBride

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Lydia Ada Allison B: 10-10-1873 D: 3-27-1933 (2nd of 6/daughter of Andrew Allison Sr - Susan E. McFarland) / Married: 12-25-1895 Edward Alexander McBride B: 9-17-1870 D: 3-6-1952 (1st of 2/son of Samuel J. McBride - Mary Diadema Cotton) / Edward worked for Slippery Rock College. They had 1 son - Ralph Allison McBride who Married Margaret Eleanor Book. Lydia and Edward are both buried at Slippery Rock Cemetery, Slippery Rock, Butler County, Pa. (genealogy website - [external link])
at Slippery Rock, Butler County, Pennsylvania USA


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