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This family group is the Maness family, minus the father. They lived in Swansboro, NC. This Maness family is a later picture of another Maness family picture, with husband - also on this website. Now, as you can see, the family has more children (at least in the pic). The other picture was of a dark-haired man and his wife (hair worn in a pompador style and frilly blouse with puff-sleeves), a boy about 5 years and baby girl. In this picture the people are: Charles Street Maness; mother, "Sudie" Pridgen Maness; young child on her lap is George A, b. 1911 and died May 1917, child behind with hat is Hilda Ethlyn and the boy in front is Jarvis Teddie.


Laura Brown The woman was my great-grandmother Sudie Pridgen Maness, in her lap is George, died in 1917. Upper left is Charlie, lower right was my grandpa Jarvis and other child is Hilda.
May 24, 2003 · Reply
Maxine Mallaard this picture was taken aaround 1910 the boy standing to the left of his mother is my dad Charlieee S Maness he was born in 1903
May 24, 2003 · Reply
B Pridgen Thanks all for the correct info. will change description to make more accurate.
May 27, 2003 · Reply
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