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Daniel Pinna According to Simon Smith: "They are British style but could be Dominion and they are wearing Puttees (leg wrappings) around their legs which went out of style between WW1 and 2 I can find no record of any MP units after 1939 wearing Puttees so this dates you photo circa pre-1939 looking at the weapons defo pre-1939 and the Uniforms are no longer issue after 1939. So in conclusion your date range is WW1 to just before WW2 and anywhere UK and anywhere in the Dominion."
May 02, 2012 · Reply
Daniel Pinna Also, according to Patricia Pascuzzi: "I asked my son, who was curator at a WWII museum...his answer: "Judging from the rank patches and rifles, I'd say British. The chevrons for British rank patches point downward. And the man on the left looks like he's holding a British Lee Enfield rifle.""
May 02, 2012 · Reply
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