MO Shool that Eva Norman Attended Norman family photo
Sally Watkins

MO Shool that Eva Norman Attended

Postcard 1cent stamp addressed to Mr. Bert Davis, Box 73, Formosa,KA
"Well, Bert, your letter came today. Was glad to hear from you. When you come to K.C. just drop out here. I want to see you badly enough. I was at Cincinnatti last spring saw Andy and his wife as we passed thru Hannibal. Had no time to talk to them but was glad to see them will write you further soon. You write again, Yours, Eva Norman.
This is Winnie's & Mine entire school, My teachers stand just in front of me. How do you like the look of the school"
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The Mystery

Does anybody recognize this school? How about the year that it was taken? Recognize any of the students or the teacher?

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Photo taken at Ludlow?, Missouri
MO Shool that Eva Norman Attended

Eva Norman

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Eva Norman  ·  Winnie Norman