My Family visiting unknown Stouts in WV about 1923

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This is a photo of my Grandmother Nellie Marie Stout Martin and her family visiting West Virginia about 1923. I believe it is Montgomery in Kanawha County because part of Montgomery is on the sign behind the people. My grandmother's home was in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana and her father's name was John A. Stout. I am trying to figure out who these Stouts in West Virginia were and how they were related to my grandmother and great grandfather. Does anyone have Stouts from this area of West Virginia who would have had relatives there about 1923? I did find a family of Stouts close by in Charleston, WV. There was a Mary R. Stout living with daughter Mrs. W.J?. Mandt, and daughter Catherine B. Stout in the 1920 US Census. Do any of these names sound familiar?

Thanks for any help,

Susan E. Davis

Mystery: Do any of these names sound familiar?

Thanks for any help,

Susan E. Davis
at Hawks Nest, Montgomery, Kanawha County, West Virginia


VirginiaCarr Martinez I can tell you this, Stouts, Martin, Davis and Carr lived near Petersburg VA(WV) since 1750. The started to spread out through the state 1790's. This was one of the counties they resided in. Also, Randolph and Tucker early 1800's. My Carr/Davis family moved to Ross Co OH ca 1803, and some then went on to IN. My line went to IL 1870.
Apr 20, 2005 · Reply
Cynthia Carper I don't know if this will help any or not, but I noticed the words "Hawk's Nest" on the sign, and according to their web site, Hawk's Nest is in Ansted West Virginia, which is in Fayette County.
Feb 23, 2006 · Reply
Cindi Scott From 1812-1840, this point of sandstone was known as Marshall's pillar, or Marshall's column -- named in honor of U.S Chief Justice John Marshall, who visited in 1812 in connection with plans for canalization of New River. The cap of Marshall's column is now site of the Main Overlook at Hawks Nest State Park. Prior to the Civil War era, the cliff began to be commonly known as "Hawks Nest Rock," and the location along the river was known as Miller's Ferry. The term "Hawks Nest Rock" was commonly used in various Civil War era documents, and frequency used in various printed literature as late as the 1930s. This location would be in Fayetteville, Fayette county, WV. I do have a Sarah Stout who married an ancestor of mine by the name of Michael H. Haverty. Their children were born in Kanawha, Gilmer and Lewis counties during the years 1860-1901. But, I dont have any pictures to compare to this picture. Good luck and I Hope this helps.
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