Mystery family in Hamilton Co., TN or Dade Co., GA

Photo Details

1 man about 45, 1 woman about 40, one woman over age 55, 1 young male about 10, 1 young male about 7, 1 young female about 8, 1 young female about 4 and 1 infant about 10mos. old. Found in grandfather, Ernest Breedlove, collection. On back is written in pencil "From Allie Hamilton to Clara Breedlove, Old Frank James Farm, Wauhatchie, Tenn." I think this was Clara's address and that the photo was mailed to her. Clara was my great-grandmother.

Mystery: I've estimated the year, but it could be newer or older. The address on the back is my great-grandmother, Clara Sills Breedlove and it was from her cousin Allie Snodgrass Hamilton. Clara's and Allie's mothers were sisters. They were daughters of Vincent B. Manley (c1826-c1873) and Margaret Underwood (1826- bef 1910) (dau of Elijah Underwood and Elinor Nellie Redmon of NC). Allie's mother was Angelina Partheny Manley (1853-1916) who married William Snodgrass and lived in Hamilton Co., TN and Dade Co., GA. Clara's mother was Matilda Manley (c1856 - bet 1893-1900) who married John Allen Sills on Feb 3, 1880 in Hamilton Co., TN. Margaret Manley lived with her daughter, Angelina Snodgrass after the death of her husband, Vincent. Clara's mother died before Clara was 10 years old. Any information about these mystery people would be greatly appreciated.


Todd Huse my grandfathers name was glenn owen manley from kansas city kansas any help
Feb 18, 2008 · Reply
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