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This is my grandmothers uncle Olof Eliason born 1882 in Mjallby parish, Sweden, and his wife Karin. Olof emigrated in 1902 from Sweden to San Francisco, California. He settled in this homestead called Stevenson.

Mystery: Olof Eliason returned later to Sweden and sold the homestead (about 1922) to his brother Ernst Eliason born 25 nov 1888 in Mjällby parish, Sweden. I belive that Ernst later called himself Ernest Ellison, married got children and died in 1960 in Stanislaus county, California. There was also a sister; Nanny Eliason born 21 april 1886 who emigrated to San Francisco. The problem is that I haven't found anything else about Ernest's and Nanny'es families. It's said that they wrote letters to relatives in Sweden but those letters is gone. The only clue is a photo of Reverend Duane and Freda Johnson from Campus Crusade for Christ - Arrowhead Springs - San Bernardino and this photo from the homestead. Thankful for any help to find the children of Ernest and Nanny. NEW FACT... I belive that Ernest Ellison married 1912 in Merced county California His wife was Rose Elsie Fawcett from Merced County California 1912
at Stevenson, San Francisco, California USA


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