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Back says "Gene Allen Peyton, age 9, 4th grade, 1970-1971 Jewell Johnson's." Do not know who he is other than his name, or if Jewell Johnson was his mother or someone else.

Mystery: My grandmother (Ferrell/Adkins) passed away in 2000 and recently I found some photos that belonged to her in some things that had been forgotten. Unfortunately, I do not know the Ferrell's very well and am unable to identify a bunch of these people. They most likely are from Logan or Lincoln County, West Virginia and are probably descendants of Smith and Nettie McCleary Ferrell or Wilbert and Martha Adkins, or one of their family members. Any help would be deeply appreciated!
in USA


Nancy Peyton Gene Peyton was the son of Jewell Johnson Peyton, daughter of Junie Bias Johnson, daughter of Spicie Ferrell Bias. Spicie was the sister of Delphia Ferrell Adkins.
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