Ramage kids, WI circa 1939 Ramage family photo
Bill Ramage

Ramage kids, WI circa 1939

Ramage kids at 15 N. Military Rd., Fond du Lac, Wisconsin: The Step Ladder. The picture was taken by aunt Laura Jesse Ramage Grau at the house on Military Road.

Pictured: Evelyn Ramage, Laurine Ramage,
Jimmy Ramage, Edna Mae Ramage, Billy Ramage, Bobby Ramage, and Tommy Ramage.

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Photo taken at 15 N. Military Road Fond Du Lac, Fond Du Lac County, Wisconsin USA
Ramage kids, WI circa 1939

Laurine Helen Ramage

Born: May 31, 1923
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Laurine Helen Ramage  ·  Edna Mae Ramage  ·  Evelyn Mary Ramage  ·  Jimmy Ramage  ·  Billy Ramage  ·  Bobby Ramage  ·  Tommy Ramage