Scotland High Pep Squad 1945 Benner family photo
Deborah Stevens

Scotland High Pep Squad 1945

My mother had her friends sign their names on the back of the card. Don't know who's who, so just listing names.

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Scotland High Pep Squad 1945

Wilma Rokusek

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Wilma Rokusek  ·  Aileen Weiland  ·  Viola Muehlbeier  ·  Lorene Behl  ·  Loraine Frank  ·  Mary Grave  ·  Faye Cary  ·  Beverly Benner  ·  Leona Orth  ·  Milly Zogg  ·  Jo Ann Walliser  ·  Barbara Breen  ·  Shirley Van Firney  ·  Pat Pillas  ·  Pat Pillar  ·  Linda Winter  ·  Mrs. Marian Conkling  ·  Dorothy Ascke  ·  Beverly H Scobell