Sheeks Reunion, 1918/1919, Part 1

Photo Details

This picture is a companion to one that has labels on every person for identification that is also on this site. As I said before, looking at Madeline Neal, and the fact that there is next to no young men in the picture, it makes me think it was taken in 1918 or 1919 during World War I, when most young men were called into service.

Mystery: I need help identifying most of the people in this picture. They could be Sheeks, Colglaziers, Fields, Basses, etc., all interelated.
If you know of anyone more than I have identified, please send a message and identify the person by the number assigned that person on the companion picture, Sheeks Reunion, 1918/1919, that follows. Thank you.
at Sheeks Farm, Mitchell, Lawrence, Indiana USA


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