Sheeks Reunion, 1918/1919, Part 2

Photo Details

This photo has a numbered label on each person, to facilitate identification. It is a companion to another picture which precedes it, that has no labels. Looking at Madeline Neal and the fact that there are next to no young men in the picture, I think it was taken in 1918 or 1919 during World War I, when most young men were drafted into service.

5-Madeline Neal, daughter of Asa and Rose (Carr) Neal;

17-Mrs. George (Priscilla Sheeks)Carr, daughter of David L. and Sylvania (Lewis) Sheeks;

25-Mrs. Lawrence (Della Tow) Sheeks;

26-Mrs. Asa (Rose Carr) Neal, daughter of George and Priscilla (Sheeks) Carr;

28-Mrs. Isom (Judith Spencer) Sheeks, daughter of Hiram and Kesiah (Gammon) Spencer;

31-Mrs David (Nora Carr) Wilson, daughter of George and Priscilla (Sheeks) Carr;

47-Mrs. Louis (Isis Sheeks) Carr, daughter of Isom and Judith (Spencer) Sheeks;

48-Mrs. John (Elsie Carr)Tyree, daughter of George and Priscilla (Sheeks) Carr;

Mystery: I need help identifying most of the people in the picture. If you can identify anyone, please leave a message with the name of the individual and the number on his or her label. Thank you.
at Sheeks Farm, Mitchell, Lawrence , Indiana USA


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