Snookums. "Dovey, Mrs. Smith wants us to call and see the...

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Thirteen-frame comic strip. The newlyweds are requested to call on Mrs. Smith to see the Jones' new baby. They agree to go, thinking everyone will be wild about their own baby, Snookums. Snookums is ignored by the household, despite the Newlyweds attempts at catching their attention. Everyone coos over the Jones' baby, Oswald. Snookums cries when one woman finally does pay attention to him. However, when Bess Grey arrives, Snookums crawls to her and hugs her. Several women leave at the sight of Bess giving Snookums a hug.

Part of the U.S. Library of Congress's Caroline and Erwin Swann collection of caricature & cartoon (Library of Congress).

McManus, George, 1884-1954, artist
  • Comics--American--1910-1920.
  • Drawings--American--Color--1910-1920.
  • Periodical illustrations--American--1910-1920.
  • 1 drawing : India ink over pencil, with watercolor, and scraping out on bristol board ; 55.0 x 43.0 cm. (sheet)
  • Copyright by King Features Syndicate.
  • Signed, lower left, thirteenth frame: G McManus.
  • Bequest and gift; Caroline and Erwin Swann; 1974; (DLC/PP-1974:232.1430)
  • Forms part of: Caroline and Erwin Swann collection of caricature and cartoon (Library of Congress).
  • Published in: Horn, World Ency. of Comics, p. 517.
  • Published in: The great American comic strip / Judith O'Sullivan. Boston: Little, Brown, p. 159.
  • Exhibited: University of Maryland, "The Art of the Comic Strip," 1971; Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, "The Art of the Comic Strip," 1972-1974.


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