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This is a military picture of my Daddy, William H. Harmon. It hung in our living room(s) as long as I can remember.
After the death of my father, my brother made a copy of the original for me...I then made copies for my other siblings, my children & grandchildren, and my family album.
An 8 x 10 of this photo now hangs in my own living room.
In 1968, when his hometown (Parkersburg, WV)paper did an article on his service, they used this photo.
My daddy was my hero. He served in both the Air Force and the Army.
He served two tours in the Korean Conflict and two tours in the Viet Nam War.
He was shot in the back of the head during his 2nd tour in Viet Nam & rec.'d the Purple Heart.He was very proud of his service and so am I.


Alice Wells He certainly was a hero. The name caught my eye because I was once at Harmon AFB with my father stationed in Newfoundland. I was an Air Force brat, Alice
Jul 01, 2004 · Reply
Gladys Gardner HI
Who was your father's father, and where was he born? My Great Grandfather's name was William Henry Harmon, b. 1834, married Sarah Jane Dixon. His father was Solomon Harmon, b. 1788, and his father was also Solomon Harmon, b. abt 1762. You may e-mail me direct at [contact link]
Jul 04, 2004 · Reply
Rose Harmon-Palaile My father, William Hensley Harmon, was the son of John Thomas & Lodica Ellen Reed-Harmon. John Thomas was the son Thomas Franklin & Harriet Daniels-Harmon.
Feb 13, 2005 · Reply
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