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Boys sitting in wagon with their three dogs. Looks like they are in front of a shed of some sort. The back reads: The Tate Boys! Douglas and Roger Lee. Stamped with SMITH'S STUDIO High Point, NC on Main Street.

Mystery: I cannot locate the Tate's, I don't know if they have moved away from NC or not. If you can help, please do so!


Faye Orr There are 3 Roger Tates listed in NC phone directory available at [external link]. Nothing for Roger Tate in the SSDI.

Douglas Tate is in SSDI, born 1938, died 1976. This photo sure looks like it could be early 1940s
Oct 17, 2004 · Reply
Alan Tate I just spoke with the man who is the younger boy in the picture. He is in North Carolina. He is an elderly man and was a little reluctant in giving me much information. He stated his older brother Douglas is still alive and living in Ohio. He doesn’t remember the picture but from my description he believes it was taken between 1938 and 1940. He is going to have his daughter contact me to get a copy to him via her email.

PS. I am a Tate family researcher. I don’t believe though I am connected to this Tate family but I am still checking.
Mar 09, 2008 · Reply
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