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A fellow Tate family researcher has in her possession a family register prepared for Robert Cary dated 1800. She has provided me with a photocopy of the complete booklet. The original, she says, is covered in linen. The inside of the front and back cover depict samples of cursive writing, which means the blank booklet may have been manufactured as a school notebook.

Walter Evans made the first entries in 1800. He apparently updated the document in 1802. Many entries are for persons born after 1802, which are in several different handwritings. I have left the original capitalization and spelling intact within quotation marks.

From the “History of Claiborne County,” transcribed by Fred Smoot, Walter Evans was the Clerk of the County Court for Claiborne County between 1801 and 1816.

Page 1

“Containing the names & ages of the offsprings of Robert & Patty Cary. By Walter Evans 18th January 1800”

Page 2
“Robert Cary was Born 1763
Robert Cary & Patty North was Married April 15th 1788. The offspring of there bodys as follows
Richard Cary Son of Robert Cary and Patty his wife was Born the 25th of June 1790
Nathanael Cary Son of Robert Cary and Patty his wife was Born the 21st of May 1792
Susanna Cary Daughter of Robert Cary and Patty his wife was Born the 17th of January 1794”

Page 3
“Patsey (illegible) Born 17 of July 1796
Harden Carrey Was born July 12th Anno Domini 1798
John Cary Son of Robert Cary & Patty His Wife was born November 20th A.D. 1799
Daniel Cary Son of Robert & Patty Cary – was born on April 22nd – A.D. 1801 Claiborne County State Tennessee”

Page 4
“Sally Devers Tate Daughter of John Tate and Susannah his wife was Born August the 12th 1815
Archbel Cary Son of John Tate and Susanna his wife was Born July the 7th 1817
Didama Tate Daughter of John Tate and Susannah his wife was Born July 23 1819
Martha Tate Daughter of John Tate and Susanna (illegible) wife was born Jan (illegible) the 6th.”

Page 5
“Sofrony Tate was born march the 20 1823
Jesse Tate was born April the 5th, 1828
John Tate was born October the 20th 1829
Garrison Tate was born June the 20th 1830
John Tate senior was born May the 12th 1794
Nancy J. “ (the remainder of page was obliterated – apparently intentionally)

Page 6
“Sally Cary Daughter of Robert Carey and Patty his wife was born June 26th 1803
Nancey Carey was born September 16th 1804
William Cary the son of Robert Cary & Patsey his wife was born Auggust the 2-1806
Hanney Cary the daug-hter of Robert Cary & Patsy was born October the 29/1807”

Page 7
“Nancy Jane Nelson is a daughter of Anderson Nelson and Sufrone Was bornd January the 30th 1841”

Page 8
“Robert Cary by Walter Evans May 7th 1802”
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