"The Influence" - Monhegan Island

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Built by Henry Trefethen in 1826. It overlooks the narrow harbor and Manana a nearby Isand. He lived there with his wife Jemina and children Nancy, Joseph, Henry and George.
Henry Had a shipping fleet and a fish-house on Monhegan where he received and prepared fish for market. Was also a farmer, raising cattle, sheep and crops. The island became sort of a family settlement by 1793. He lived there with his wife Jemina Sterling, her brother, Josiah Sterling, his wife Mary Trefethen,
and Thomas Horne and his wife Sara Trefethen. They carried on sort of a communal farm life. The three men were called "Mariners".
Henry also lived in Kittery, Me when he married Ann Baxter in 1829 when he was almost sixty.
at "The Influence" , Monhegan Island, Maine USA


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