The Newer Tombstone of Ahijah W. Grimes, Lawman Killed By Sam Bass & His Gang On 19 July, 1878

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This gray granite tombstone of Ahijah W. Grimes which stands in front of the original, was erected by the Sam Bass Historical Foundation. It gives his name and then reads: "Here lies A. W. Grimes, Williamson County Deputy Sheriff & Former Texas Ranger Who Was Killed In Koppells Store, Main Street, Round Rock, July 19, 1878 As He Attempted To Disarm GangMembers Sam Bass, Seaborn Barnes & Frank Jackson. It is Not Known Who Fired The Fatal Shot. He Left A Wife And Three Children. She Received $200 & One Of The Bass Gang Horses As Indemnity For Her Husband's Death." [Note: Ahijah's wife died 26 July 1939 in Lampasas, Texas.]

I read that Grimes was shot 6 times, and was dead before he hit the floor. If Sam killed the man, this was the first and last time that he ever did such a thing. In the past he had dissuaded his gang from killing, as well, ousting them if they did.

After viewing his gravesite, I said a prayer for him and his family and on behalf of the family of Sam Bass, told him that I regretted he had died so unjustly at the hands of my first cousin, thrice removed, and his gang.
at Round Rock Cemetery, Round Rock, Williamson County, Texas USA


Samantha Grimes Miles We heard this story often growing up. Do u have any links?
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