tin photo of unknown girl Unknown family photo
Elena Murray

tin photo of unknown girl

tin photo, girl has on plaid dress, has some sort of bracelet on right wrist, lace or crochet color and bottom of sleeve. Any info at all welcome. Plaid? Tin photos? The lace/crochet. I know it is most likely 1800's. May be able to somewhat guess who she is by decade knowledge.

The Mystery

Anyone who could guess a decade by style of clothes. This MAY be my great great grandmother Mary Foote Gassagne. Any tidbits welcome or comments. It does not say where taken. I put Los Angeles as lot of family from there. Could be Kentucky as I have family from there too. Thanks.

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Melodee Bonnes The clothing could be 1875 to 1900. I got a doll from my Grandmother and the clothing is similar. Good luck in the search. I am searching also. :)
Reply posted Oct 23, 2013 12:59 pm
Photo taken at unknown, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA
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