Unknown Hendrick?, Duckett?, Edwards?

Photo Details

This picture was obtained by Arvilla Beckham Cherry from an estate sale of my aunt, Winnie HENDRICK-COX-DUCKETT (1910-- 8 DEC 1963). This ancestral Picture is UNKNOWN. The facial appearance seems to indicate a birth perhaps 1820-1830 time range and living during the War between the States (Based on comparing the births of sets of generals from the war who had similar style beards)., and she was last married to Aubrey Thomas DUCKETT. Please respond if you have clues to his identify.

Mystery: The identify of this portrait is unknown, It was mounted in a large wooden frame about 12x18 inches, Winnie's mother was Eliza Jane EDWARDS. Her father was Robert Green HENDRICK, Winnie m/1 to COX, no children. Winnie n/2 to Aubrey Thomas DUCKETT, no children. She taught school for years in a elementary school in the mid 1940s in the Flatrock, Warren Co community.
at Flatrock, Warren, Kentucky USA


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