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Mystery: Photographs that belonged to my father Sgt. James A. Rose of Texas. Those pictured are unknown to me. Records show he first enlisted in the U.S. Army on Sept.25, 1940 and was in the 12th Calvary, Troop E. Later it appears he was in the 82nd Mecz Cavalry Rcn Squadron, Troop D (Hell on Wheels). He served in the Asiatic Pacific Campaign, the Philipine Liberation, the American Campaign, the Army of Occupation in Japan, and WWII. He was stationed while in the US at Ft. Hood, Ft. Bliss and Ft. Riley. While at Ft. Riley, Kansas in rank of sergeant he taught horseback riding for the 'animal pool detachment'. He left the Army in 1949. If anyone in the photographs is recognized and you would like a photo, please contact me.


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