Viola Nichols Snider, Gertrude Wagner Snider, and Ida Snider

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Pictured on right: Viola Belle Nichols Snider. Center: Gertrude May Wagner. Left: Ida Florence Snider. Probably taken near Bellingham, WA. abt. 1917.

Viola Belle Nichols (GRIFFITH, CHRISTOPHER C., GILBERT, BASDELL, GRIFFIN, HENRY) was born July 16, 1867 in Shady Grove, Hickman, Tennessee. She was the daughter of Griffith Nichols (1843-1899) and Malinda Alice Savage (1848-1931). Viola died November 23, 1940 in Alhambra, Los Angeles, California. Viola married CHARLES WESLEY SNIDER January 27, 1886 in Emminence, Shannon, Missouri, son of JAMES SNIDER and TERRESSA NEAL. He was born September 08, 1867 in Lowassie, Missouri, and died August 26, 1909 in Ordway, Otero, Colorado.
ROBERT GRIFFEE SNIDER, b. February 19, 1887, Lowassie, Missouri; d. January 31, 1968, Riverside, California.
TERRISA ALICE SNIDER, b. September 09, 1890, Piedmont, Missouri; d. May 11, 1980, Red Bluff, Wayne, California.
LUCY FLORENCE SNIDER, b. January 01, 1894; d. Unknown.
LEE ELLIS SNIDER, b. June 06, 1897; d. Unknown.
IDA FLORENCE SNIDER, b. February 15, 1900; d. Abt. 1970.
ALVA SNIDER, b. May 05, 1903; d. August 09, 1947, Bellingham, Washington.

GERTRUDE MAY WAGNER was born April 16, 1900 in Princeton, Mille Lacs, Minnesota, the daughter of Charles Fredrick Wagner (1870-1934) and Eldora Shute Wagner 1881-1941). Gertrude died March 15, 1968 in Riverside, California. She married ROBERT GRIFFEE SNIDER July 03, 1918 in Tacoma, Pierce, Washinigton, son of CHARLES SNIDER and VIOLA NICHOLS. He was born February 19, 1887 in Lowassie, Missouri, and died January 31, 1968 in Riverside, California.

IDA FLORENCE SNIDER (CHARLE WESLEY, JAMES, JOHN WALKER, GEORGE, JOHANN GEORGE SCHNEIDER) was born February 15, 1900, daughter of Charles Wesley Snider and Viola Belle Snider. She died Abt. 1970. She married 1st CHARLES BROWN. She married 2nd WARRICK MCQUEEN.
in Washington USA


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