Wedding Day Connell family photo
Mary Kelly

Wedding Day

A group wedding day photo of the Newhaus, Connell, Rieb families. Kate Connell of Kiltimagh,Ireland,married John Newhaus, stepson of Gerhard Newhaus of Malvern Pennsylvania in the 1920's. They lived on Grubb Road in Malvern on a farm and raised chickens.

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Julie Lee Hi Mary, I am new to this website but we have the Connell family in common. We believe Daniel Connell (Revolutionary War Vet) who was born (1749) in VA, is the farthest we've gotten back. He settled down and had a family here in GA. He had a son named Thomas. We have recently spoken to a Connell living in TX. which is awesome. He sent me this picture. Can you tell me who Kate Connell married? Kate's husbands name and family? my email is [contact link]
Reply posted Jun 16, 2010 9:08 am
Photo taken at Malvern, Chester County, Pennsylvania USA
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