Woman. Chase, Penny, Green, or Reid?

Photo Details

Photo of unknown woman, I suspect it is a very old photo because it is printed on tin(?). Metal of some sort anyway. Photo was retireved from a Hope chest belonging to Dixie Ona Cahill Lindsley (My Mother), it is likely that the womans maiden surname is either Penny, Chase, Reid, or Green. Could also possibly be Cahill, Shepherd, or Engle. Could as well be none of the above, as it could also be just a friend of the familly from way back in the day.

Mystery: Does anyone recognize this woman??? Any guesses? Perhaps if there are any photo experts out there who could possibly even give me a guess on the possible date this photo might have been taken would be a great help too!
at Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


Jessie Gerrish wow that is old
Nov 07, 2009 · Reply
Rhys Chase portraits like this were popular from around 1850s until after 1900. The woman looks familliar as well
Feb 19, 2010 · Reply
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