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A photo of Jerrold Juan Hinton (1953 - 1996)
People in this photo:
· Posted by Jerrold Hinton on Nov 20, 2015
A photo of the obituary of Sarah L Hinton
People in this photo:
· Posted by Shanita Harris on Dec 9, 2014
This was Karen O.Pattillo Hinton.b.Nov.25,1878,d.Sept.12,1913.She is burried... more
· Posted by Barbara Sell on Nov 7, 2004
This photo was entitled "Amanda Hinton sisters," so I'm assuming Amanda isn't... more
· Posted by GlennVicki Johnson on Jan 15, 2004
Taken in MO in .
This is a photograph taken of the gravestone of Abraham Lincoln Hinton and... more
· Posted by Emily Hinton on Aug 5, 2003
Bernie Lee Hinton was born 11/18/1891, daughter of Henry Hinton & Havilah... more
· Posted by Brigitte Carpenter on Dec 26, 2002
Taken in .
Arthur William, Nettie Alice (Hollon), Charles Fredrick (standing), Lela May... more
· Posted by GlennVicki Johnson on Jul 24, 2002
Taken at Smith Homestead, Sugar Run, McKean Co., PA USA in .
The Smith's had three son's Clifford, Lloyd Vick, & Lewis
· Posted by Jerry Rowan on Apr 17, 2002
Wife of William MacIntosh. She was born March 1, 1860, and died March 22,... more
· Posted by Ted Bird on Mar 29, 2002
Taken in USA in .
Aaron F. & Pearl S. Hinton in 1938
· Posted by Linda Hill on Jan 1, 2001
Taken in USA in .
Grandfather Aaron Francis Hinton with wife Pearl (Fairfield ) Hinton and son... more
· Posted by Linda Hill on Jan 1, 2001
Taken in .
This is a copy from a ferrotype photo made circa 1870. James & Eliza are my... more
· Posted by JanWilson Ramos on Jan 1, 2001