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Updated Apr 16, 2015

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Parker Surname History

Famous people with the surname Parker: Quanah Parker, Comanche chief; Isaac Charles Parker, "the hanging judge"; and Bonnie Elizabeth Parker of "Bonnie and Clyde" notoriety. The Parker family is an old heredity that has migrated all across the world over the centuries, and as the name Parker has spread, it has evolved making it's etymology a challenge to piece together. This page is dedicated to the complete history of the Parker family name, Parker etymology, and records of Parker ancestors. Parker family history has a rich and complex origin of which the particulars have been accumulated over the years by Parker family members.

The family history of the Parker last name is maintained by the AncientFaces community. Join the community by adding to to this genealogy of the Parker:

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Parker Discussion

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Patricia Burnett My Great-Grandfather is John S. Parker, born circa 1870-80. Family history has it that he married four times and fathered as many as 20 children. His last known residence was Paducah Kentucky. His wives were Mary Lillian Vessels, Ida Tackett, Bera (Beaulah) Brent, and Maggie (last Name unknown). His father is William Parker, and his mother was Matilda (Mattie)Harvey. We have located my great-grandfather on the published census records as living in Graves County, Kentucky. Unfortunately, we are unable to locate any information regarding his actual whereabouts after the 1930 census. I've been led to believe that he moved to the Paducah area and may haved died there between 1940 and 1960. We have located a cemetery in London Kentucky that contains a grave for a John and Maggie Parker, but at this time are unable to verify if this is the right John Parker. It seems to me that a man with supposedly 20 children has to have some descendants out there somewhere.

some of the children named from John's previous unions were, James Leslie, Joseph Paul, Donald L., Elvis W., Pauline, Martha J., Bertha, Lillie, George, Annie B. (my Grand mother) and J.T.

I have made contact with the Grandson of J.T., and he is looking for the same information as well. So my hope is that another descendant of any of the Parker's listed above may contact this site and help us find our lost Great-Grandfather.
Oct 07, 2005 · Reply
Susanna Hooper My dad is the nephew of mildred parker, he has had a painting of hers for many years now (guessing its a least 40 years old) he is getting ready to move from sac,ca. To virginia. I was just wondering if the painting is of any worth and should be donated to a museum. I don't know if she was known as an artist. Any info would be appriciated.
Jul 05, 2011 · Reply
Misha Foster Anybody have a relation to a Grace Parker and a James Michael Parker (born in Mississippi)? I am looking back into our ancestry and my dad (JM Parker) is the only one still alive and he can't remember where we all originated from.

Thank you!
Michele Parker
Jun 08, 2014 · Reply
Sarah McMullan What are the birth years of your Grace and James? I have a Grace born in 1918 and 1907. I have 5 James. My Parkers are in the Jackson County Mississippi area.
Jun 09, 2014 · Reply
Billie Munguia My maiden name is Parker.. My great grandfather was Aaron Monroe Parker.. great grandmother Omkie Gruben.. with 12 brothers and sisters.. Aaron Monroe born August 1883 and died 21 March 1964
Jul 08, 2014 · Reply
Billie Munguia he was married to Nettie Westbrook before Omkie but Nettie had passed
Jul 08, 2014 · Reply
Stacy Hill Any one have any info on The Chesley Parker III from Dry Branch GA or any Parkers from that area Gus,Doc, Joe,Mary , Martha , Lavena , Bessie , Alonzo , Chesley . They were born mid or late 1800 really light skin
Feb 03, 2015 · Reply

Parker Country of Origin, Nationality, & Ethnicity

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Parker Meaning & Etymology

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Parker Life Expectancy

According to our database of 129,933 people with the last name Parker that have a birth and death date listed:

Life Expectancy


Parker Family Tree

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Famous People named Parker

Famous members of the Parker family:

  • Quanah Parker (ca. 1845 or 1852 – February 23, 1911) was a Comanche chief.
  • Isaac Charles Parker (October 15, 1838 – November 17, 1896) was known as the "Hanging Judge"
  • Bonnie Elizabeth Parker (October 1, 1910 – May 23, 1934) "Bonnie and Clyde"

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Most Common Parker First Names

According to our database of 206,624 people with the last name Parker that have a first name listed, these are the most common first names:

  • William 3.1%
  • James 3.0%
  • John 2.9%
  • Mary 1.9%
  • Robert 1.8%
  • George 1.6%
  • Charles 1.6%
  • Thomas 1.1%
  • Joseph 0.9%
  • Richard 0.8%
  • Henry 0.7%
  • Edward 0.7%
  • Elizabeth 0.6%
  • Margaret 0.6%
  • David 0.6%
  • Frank 0.6%
  • Walter 0.6%
  • Arthur 0.5%
  • Dorothy 0.5%
  • Parker 0.5%
  • Willie 0.5%
  • Helen 0.5%
  • Donald 0.5%
  • Harry 0.5%
  • Albert 0.4%
  • Ruth 0.4%
  • Harold 0.4%
  • J 0.4%
  • Raymond 0.4%
  • Samuel 0.4%
  • Sarah 0.4%
  • Alice 0.4%
  • Kenneth 0.4%
  • Annie 0.3%
  • Michael 0.3%
  • Paul 0.3%
  • Florence 0.3%
  • Ernest 0.3%
  • Clarence 0.3%
  • Roy 0.3%
  • Fred 0.3%
  • Anna 0.3%
  • Betty 0.3%
  • Ethel 0.3%
  • Frances 0.3%
  • Ralph 0.3%
  • Mildred 0.3%
  • Jack 0.3%
  • Jessie 0.3%
  • Martha 0.3%

Parker Pronunciation & Spelling Variations

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