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Kathy Om RICHARD5 STAUGHT was born Bet. 1603 - 1615 in Burton, Joyce Par, Nottinghamshire, England, and died October 23, 1705 in Middletown, Monmouth County, New Jersey. He married PENELOPE KENT VAN PRINCIS 1644 in New York, daughter of BARON VAN PRINCIS. She was born 1622 in Amsterdam, N, Holland, and died 1732 in Monmouth, NJ.

Richard saved the life of the Duke of York who requested him to change the spelling of his name in order to preserve the memory of the deed. Therefore, the name STOUT, formerly a synonym for strong came into being. He also had the choice of being made a knight or receiving a grant of land in the new world. He chose the later and became one of the first American settlers. There he met and married Penelope Van Princis and they settled in Middletown, New Jersey.

One of his crops was evidently tobacco, for it was found that he sold his tobacco crops in October 1649 for 210 guilders. Richard appeared again in Gravesend records in 1657 when we learn he was cultivating 17 of his 20 acres, also in 1661 when he bought a farm adjoining his.

About this time, various settlers in Gravesend decided their area was becoming too crowded, so they sailed up the Raritian River and began negotiating with the Sachem Indian tribe for the purchase of land in what was becoming part of New Jersey. Richard Stout and others bought the Sachem's right to the land embraced in the future Monmouth Patent, and on April 8, 1664, the patent was confirmed by Governor Richard Nicholls. The other Patentees were John Bowne, John Tilton, William Goulding, Samuel Spicer, Richard Gibbons, James Grover, Nathaniel Sylvester, William Reape, Walter Clark, Nicholas Davies and Obediah Holmes.

Stout then sold his Gravesend property and moved to New Jersey with his wife and at least two of his children, John and Richard. The others followed later. Because he had settled on the land prior to January 1665, Richard Stout was able to claim 780 acres for his family by 1675. Future settlement was restricted starting in July 1669 because Middletown was considered "wholly completed being full according to their number."
Richard was noted to be illiterate, as his Will (proven on October 23, 1705) was signed with an "x". His will was proven at Perth Amboy: Lib. 1, page. 120, NJ Wills.

Fact 1: ran away from home/joined British Navy for 7 years
Fact 2: Abt. 1620, came to America
Fact 3: 1643, Owned plantation #18 at Gravesend, Long Island and the following year was granted a patent to a large section of New Jersey
Fact 4: Bet. 1669 - 1671, served in an Assembley to govern the towns in Monmouth
Fact 5: settled in Middletown, New Jersey
Fact 6: October 23, 1705, Will probated

Some records show original name (in Holland) to be Van Printzen. Also noted that her name is listed in some places as Penelope Kent Van Princin. Another source lists her maiden name as Thomson and she married a Kent van Princis in 1642. He was killed by the Indians on the beach in Sandy Hook, New Jersey.

Fact 1: Believed to be 1st white woman to set foot on Monmouth Co. soil

Date conflict: It was posted on the internet that their marriage date was 12/31/1643, and have also read that they were married in 1645 in New Jersey.
Marriage: 1644, New York
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