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Harley Earl Jeans
Apr 20, 1928 - Jan 20, 1977
Horace Henry Tyer
1844 - 1907
Robert Earl Jeans
1901 - 1990
Russel W. Sehon
1892 - 1964

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Gaye Thomas Hard to do if she married.
Mar 06 · posted to the photo Dorothy Curtis
Gaye Thomas would this be he?
Jan 17 · posted to the photo Joseph E. Peters
Gaye Thomas Lt. Werner Bauer (USNR) was aboard the West Virginia when she was hit. Another officer flooded the compartments opposite the torpedo hits, allowing the West Virginia to settle to the bottom upright. Werner lead a team into the black below the waterline to flood her ammunition bunkers.
Jan 13 · posted to the photo Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Gaye Thomas Son of James S. and Annie M. Newkirk, of 103, Scott St., St. Thomas, Ontario.
Jan 11 · posted to the photo James Grant Newkirk
Gaye Thomas Lt. H. E. Jeans, USAF, taken at Manston RAF in England, mid 1950s.
Jan 11 · posted to the photo Harley Earl Jeans
Gaye Thomas Could it be:
Jan 10 · posted to the photo Mira Northrup
Gaye Thomas George Miphandallas Rush (1844 -- 1954) was father to Lina Ellen Rush and father in law to Ray Cortland Young. .
Jan 05 · posted to the photo Ray Cortland Young, WWI
Gaye Thomas, 331ST INFANTRY REGIMENT The 331ST INFANTRY REGIMENT served during WORLD WAR I as part of the U.S. Army 83d Infantry Division. Composed entirely of Clevelanders ages 21-31 who had been drafted into the army, the regiment included companies A, B, C, D, H, and L and a supply company. Basic training of the new recruits was conducted at Camp Sherman, northwest of Chillicothe, OH.
Jan 05 · posted to the photo Ray Cortland Young, WWI
Gaye Thomas West Point Class of 1951, Lt. Col. USAF (ret.)
Jan 05 · posted to the person Harley Earl Jeans