Russell Crow

Updated Oct 16, 2020
Gaye Thomas
Gaye Thomas shared a photo
on Jul 03, 2019 11:05 AM
Russell Crow was last seen leaving home (Arkansas) in 1915 with a jug of whiskey. His remains and those of his older brother, Brandt, were found near the railroad tracks, in pieces. Sad end for a boy

Admin Update 8/27/2020:
A few moments after sharing this photo Cheryl found the following 1915 article which we believe documents the death of the Crow Brothers. Please note his name was Richard and not Russell. Newspaper Article about the Crow Brothers death by train
Date & Place: in Arkansas United States


AncientFaces commented on Aug 27, 2020
Russell Crow (shown here with his two dogs) and his older brother Brandt left their home in Arkansas with a jug of whiskey in 1915 and were never seen alive again. Their remains were found scattered around a railroad track. We can only assume that they drank a little heavily and fell asleep on the tracks before being killed by a train.
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