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Ree Young The outfit was called a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit...elaborate collars and cuffs, under a short jacket and the pants were short.
Mar 20 · posted to the photo Unknown Child, TX or LA
Ree Young No, not always. Sometimes boys' hair was shorter and parted on the side and other times combed forward and had bangs. In any period, there were hair styles that were common, but there have always been variations and individual preferences.
Mar 20 · posted to the photo Unknown Child, TX or LA
Ree Young I often bought clothes at the thrift shop for my sons when they were growing up. Sometimes the flannel shirts or jackets were meant for girls, but the only difference was that the buttons were on the opposite side. I doubt anyone at school ever looked that closely at their clothes, and they certainly didn't care.
Jan 28 · posted to the photo Hoopskirt Girl
Ree Young My older sister got hand-me-downs from an older cousin, and I got the same clothes later from my sister. By the time I wore them, they were so old-fashioned that it was embarrassing. This little girl's outfit, though,might not be a hand-me-down. It could just be that it was made larger than she is in the photo in order for her to wear it for several more years. My folks always bought our winter coats 2 sizes too big so we could wear them as we grew. That meant they didn't have to spend money on winter coats every single year. For our blue collar family, a good quality winter coat was a major investment. That kind of frugality stuck with me. I wore the same white shoes on my wedding day when I was 19 that I had worn to my high school graduation when I was 17.
Jan 28 · posted to the photo Hoopskirt Girl
Ree Young
Jan 27 · posted to the photo Moshe Hecht
Ree Young To us and in our society, but not to all societies or in all time periods.
Jan 21 · posted to the photo Rube Burrow
Ree Young I've not noticed any more morbid stories than usual. I like history. All sides of it is, I think, important to know in order to help keep the present day in perspective. Sometimes people go on about how much better, nicer, prettier, and so on things were in the "old days." I'm 71, and my parents were born in 1902 and 1908. Things were NOT better in their day or in my younger days.
Jan 21 · posted to the photo Rube Burrow
Ree Young Used to be a lot of were a matched teamandhad feathered headdresses. I think there are still a number of places where...if you have enough money for can be carried to the gravesite in a formal carriage with horses. This one in the photo is, I believe, in Art Deco style, which could be part of the reason it's more ornate. Art Deco was everywhere in the 1920s and 1930s...buildings, homes, furniture, fashion...for the living,so, sure,why not for the dead,too!?!
Jan 15 · posted to the photo Ford Motor Co. Hanlon Lincoln hearse
Ree Young I'd say closer to the late 1930s into the 1940s. You can Google images of hat styles for the 1930 through 1950s and see the changes between the decades. I grew up in the 1950s, so I saw the styles firsthand. The hat styles were different, even the way they were worn...more straight on rather than that tilt that was popular in the '30's and '40's. Also, 1950's hats were more structured...some almost clamped onto your head. Even little girls' hats were like that (and the darn things were sometimes tight enough to give me a headache!). The hat on the woman in the dark coat still has that sort of cloche look to it. Shoulders on jackets and coats were wider in the 1950s than in this photo, too. Skirts and the bottoms of dresses were fuller, and it emphasized the narrow waisted look. Had a cousin, JoAnne, who was about 5 years older than my sister, and JoAnne's clothes got handed down to my sister. My sister was 2 years older than I, and the clothes then got handed down to me! By the time I got them as a young teen, it was the 1960's and the clothes were totally out of style. Sooo horribly embarrassing for a 14 -15 year old, but my mother insisted because she wasn't going to buy me new clothes when these third-me-downs were still useful! So, my friend and I, on the pretext of doing homework at her house, sewed some mini-dresses for me and kept them in her room. I'd walk to school, but first stop at my friend's house, change into the mini dresses, and then go on to school. Did the reverse on the way home! My mother never knew!
Dec 06, 2019 · posted to the photo Gloria Mae Paulson
Ree Young Someone forgot to tell that baby not to smile!☺️
Dec 05, 2019 · posted to the photo Ruud children
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