Newspaper Article about the Crow Brothers death by train

Updated Aug 28, 2020
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Asleep on Track; Two men killed
Crow Brothers Meet Horrible Death Near Knoble Late Last Saturday Night.

Two men named Crow, one thirty years of age and the other eighteen, were literally cut to pieces by the northbound Iron Mountain passenger train two miles south of Knobel about eleven forty-five Saturday night. The men, who were brothers, were asleep on the track. It is said the engineer on the passenger train did not see them and knew nothing of having killed the men until his train reached Knobel. The faithful dog, belonging to the elder Crow, was also killed, and a jug of whisky from which the brothers had evidently taken too frequent libations, was smashed by the train.

Cal Broadway of Jonesboro, claim agent for the Iron Mountain, spent yesterday in the vicinity of the tragedy gathering the facts. It is understood the men resided at Sellmeyer where the elder Crow worked a small farm. The younger brother resided with him. They spent much of their time hunting for the market. It is said the brothers went to Knobel Saturday night and got a jug of whisky they had ordered from Poplar Blugg. The supposition is they drank freely from the jug on their return home, and that they became drowsy from the effects of the intoxicants and lay down on the track to sleep. The dog and the jug were evidently close to the men when the train passed over them.

The elder Crow was married and leaves a wife and six children.
Date & Place: Unknown


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