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James Henry Marrs d/b 06/09/1845 WHERE: Family Farm "Marrs Log House." S/O Robert James Marrs & wife:Amanda Jane Stout. Burial: Peden Cemetery Temple Hill, Barren Co. Ky. Married: Mary Susannah Foster 11/18/1872. Children: James Robert, Amanda Susan, Anna Pearl, Lucy Donna, John Edward. Ja. H. great/grandfather of Arland W. Benningfield Jr. email
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James Henry Marrs d/b June 09, 1845 where: family log house. Shawnee Run area, 6 mi. N/E Harrodsburg Mercer Co. Ky. d/d Aug.09,1926 burial: Peden Cemetery Temple Hill area Barren Co. Ky. s/o Robert James Marrs & wife:Amanda Jane Stout.
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Wm. Richard Parrott d/b 1780 where: Northumberland Co. Va. d/d Oct. 1867. burial: family homestead farm cemetery,Good Hope Baptist Church area Taylor Co. Ky. Wm.R. first recorded on tax list Green Co.Ky.1812. Wm.R. his father, John Parrott a Revolutionary War Soldier, pension records state he died while "visiting children in Ky". Possibly buried at the Wm.R.homestead family farm cemetery. Possibly buried at the Union Baptist Church Cemetery Hancock Co.Ky. Where: church burial ground of his daughter Frances E. Parrott & husband: Wm. (Bill) Williams & other family members. Wm R. mother died thereafter his father John married: widow Elizabeth Peede,(maiden name unknown). She brought into the marriage a daughter named Elizabeth. This daughter would become the wife of Wm.R. Parrott May 12,1800. plase of marriage: Louisa Co. Va. Elizabeth, wife of Wm R. d/b 000.00,1782. d/d Aug.24,1856. burial: family cemetery named above. Informant: Arland Benningfield Jr.
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Geo. W. s/o Wm. R. Parrott & wife Martha Williams d/b Nov. 12, 1843. p/b Orginial family farm McFarland Rd. Green Co. Ky. d/d March 06, 1920. burial: family farm burial ground. Paternal grand/parents: Wm. Richard Parrott Sr. & wife: Elizabeth Peede. Maternal grand/parents: Wm. Williams & wife: Frances E. Parrott. Joined Union Army Oct 14,1861. Hospital, Knoxville, Tenn. "wounded in neck June 27, 1864" action in Henessco Mountain, Georgia. Discharged: Jan. 12, 1865 Louisville, Ky. Brother Wm. Richard Parrott 3rd killed April 07, 1862,"killed at Shiloh, Tenn." See ancient Parrott, France E. Arland W. Benningfield
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France E.Parrott, d/o Wm. R. Parrott & wife: Martha Williams. married: Joseph R. Short, s/o James M. Short & wife: Sarah Harding. Frances E. d/b Apr. 04, 1839. d/d Jan. 29, 1910. Joseph R. d/b Sept. 13, 1835. d/d Aug. 20, 1914. Frances E. & Joseph R. burial: Parrott family cemetery. Both b/p section of Green Co. Ky. that become Taylor Co. Ky. 1848. The area of their birth known as the "Good Hope Baptist Church Community". Children of this union: Wm. T., James H., Sarah F., *Mary L., Geo. M., Martha S., Jos. R. Jr., John M., Harriett J., Nancy E., Edward O., Bertha A.. Arland W. Benningfield Jr. g/s of Mary L.. See Joseph R. Short.
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This photo waas made about six months before his death Sept. 09, 1893. James C. s/o Reuben Benningfield and wife Lydia Caulk. His b/p Robinson Creek, Green Co. Ky. His burial place family Cemetery ajoining family farm Location: Musson Creek, Marion Co. Ky. The yr.1843 he married: America A. Lake. Her parents: Abraham Lake and wife: Elanor Sullivan.They parented children: Lydia E., Abraham B., Reuben, John, Sammuel, Pleasant, (informant g/father) Ezekiel, Deborah R., Margaret A.. Note the above Reuben b/p Va. Lydia b/p Delaware. See Henry L. Benningfield
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Henry L. s/o of Daniel Benningfield & wife: Susannah Milby. Children:recorded 18,other children record suggest 25. d/b 000.00,1814- d/d July 12, 1895. Burial: Abney Cemetery Magnolia, LaRue Co. Ky. Moved with parents early in life from Green Co. Ky. to joining LaRue Co.Ky. He is the s/o & nephew of an early Va. Benningfield family who were first in Bourbon Co. Ky. As children removed to Green Co. Ky. John, Martha, Mary, Rhoda, *Reuben, Doshia. Other, Henry Stroud remained in Bourbon Co. Ky. thought to be a brother or cousin. Parents of the eight named Virginians remain a mystery. SEE ancientfaces James C. Benningfield Cousins Informant: Arland W. Benningfield Jr.
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Joseph R Short, b 9/13/1835, d 8/20/1914. Son of James Short and wife Sarah Harding. Married 1/20/1859 Where: McFarland Rd, Green County, KY. See photo, remarks Frances E. Parrott
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Arland Benningfield sister, Mary J. Marrs Erion.
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Arland Benningfield sister, Mary Jane Marrs Erion.
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Arland Benningfield See Photos & remarks. Wm.R.,Geo. W., Frances E. Parrott Short. Do we connect? Request Response.
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Arland Benningfield Are we writing of Marr or Marrs? My great/grand/father James H. Marrs had a brother who went from Ky. to Ill. as a child 1859.
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Arland Benningfield See www.ancientfaces.Com Wm R.Parrott,Frances E. Parrott Short, Geo. W. Parrott
Jul 01, 2006 · posted to the photo Lillie Kathyrn Parrott
Arland Benningfield I was not aware of Ephraim B. Stout having a bro. Perhaps your John by earlier marriage. Ephraim B. d/b Feb. 21, 1800. Culpepper Co. Va. His parents James Stout m. Abbigail Holloway May 30, 1799 Culpepper Co. Va.
May 22, 2006 · posted to the photo Captain John Henry Stout
Arland Benningfield There was a Wm.Richard Parrott & wife:Marhta Williams. He of Taylor Co. She of Hancock Co. Ky. They had children Frances E., Wm. R. 3rd, Geo. Washington, Milton N.
May 06, 2006 · posted to the photo Greatgrandpa G.W. Parrott and grandsons
Arland Benningfield Early Newcomb family Taylor Co. Ky. ca. 1850 Newcomb fam. among others left Taylor Co. went to Tex.
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