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Barbara Oldfield Is this you Kathy? If so, you are very pretty, and whom would the young man be that is in the photo with you? Handsome guy!
Jul 24, 2013 · posted to the photo David Critchfield & Kathy (Kroetch) Pinna
Barbara Oldfield I am the ONLY Daughter in law Albert (RED) Oldfield had. I must say, most of the time he referred to me as "HON", I took this in a derogatory way for the longest, I didn't think he cared enough about me to even remember my name, then, as the years went on, I realized he called all three of his Daughters, and myself that. It wasn't an insult, but an honor. He was a hard working man, never slowed down. I guess you could say he worked himself to his grave. He retired from ICX FREIGHTLINER in Dallas Texas. But, he didn't retire from working. He would often times get upset at my husband because he wouldn't get up before the sun did, and like he himself did, to start working. Oh, they did have their fighting moments for sure. He couldn't see well at all, he was legally blind, but this did not stop him from reading his bible, granted, it was with a magnifying glass and a large halogen lamp, but, he read it. When he could no longer see well enough to read it, he listened to it on tapes. He knew his Bible, and it was not a strange event for him to argue with the sunday school teacher, or even the Preacher. I just wanted to add this little bit about my Father in law, he was a good, kind hearted, hard working Christian. May he rest in peace! I love you Pop. Barbara
Jul 24, 2013 · posted to the person Albert W Oldfield
Barbara Oldfield Again, thank you. Her brother was Nathan Ray Oldfield, I started a bio on him. This one for Jennifer, her daughter Kristen, she's the one that actually started it. I was surprised to see it.
Jul 24, 2013 · posted to the person Jennifer Gail (Oldfield) Hildebrandt
Jul 03, 2013 · posted to the story Southern Funerals
Jul 03, 2013 · posted to the story Hog killin
Barbara Oldfield My name is Barbara (Barnes) Oldfield. I came from Father Harry Elmer Edgar Lee Pete Barnes and Billy Joyce (Krantz) Barnes. My Dad's parents were Wylie Lee Barnes, and Ruby Cleo (Huff) Barnes. They were from Van Buren Arkansas, and are of Choctaw-Chikasaw descent. There is also some Black dutch in there, but not real sure from which parent. One of the Parent's was full blooded Indian, the other was the mixed with Black Dutch. Anyone know of any history on these Barnes?
Jul 03, 2013 · posted to the story Four Barnes brothers arrived in Baltimore
Barbara Oldfield Harry's full name is: Harry Elmer Edgar Lee Pete Barnes. He was named after several uncles. My Dad was kind of quiet, which, some might say, was not unusual because he was the only boy amongst 3 sisters. He was the third born in the family. I can remember that everytime my Dad got a vacation from his job's, we always went camping. We would usually spend the whole day driving, get to the Parks at sundown, and while my Mom was trying to locate and unload food items, cooking items etc..., my Dad would be getting the Coleman lanterns burning, and he would be putting up the tent, usually trying to do so with a hungry belly, in the dark! He had a temper, we really didn't know he had it until he would start putting up a tent in the dark....and who wouldn't? He once drove 3hrs. the wrong way while paying no attention to my Mom telling him he was going the wrong way. Those were some exciting trips! We would take his Mom with us on occasions, when we would go back to his birthplace in Arkansas to visit with family members. I remember one year, we went to 9 different states in 2 weeks! We went to Colorado, he had a hard time breathing because of the altitude, then he got sunburned, or windburned lips, instead of putting regular Vaseline on them, he used Carbolated Vaseline....he had some pretty RED LIPS! My Dad believed the woman's place was in the home, so my Mom worked at home, ironing for the public, and babysitting. When I was 11 or 12 years old, Daddy worked the night shift for the City of Dallas, how he was able to sleep with all those kids my Mom babysat, I don't know. But, what I was going to say was, we would get up in the morning, and there in the trash would be an empty pint carton of ice cream and an empty Coca-Cola bottle. Oh how I envied him! While being an employee of the City, he had an opportunity to buy the "Retired" police cars....the only bad thing about that was, they were the brightest blue, you could see them coming a mile down the road! We moved to Canton, Tx. when I was in the 9th grade, we had so much fun there! We lived on 40 acres, had some horses, an old mail jeep, a tractor and an old trailer that allowed us to have many warm days of fun with him! He pulled us around behind the tractor, on the trailer, dragging us thru bull nettles and just laughing his head off! I got married in 1975, we were still living in Canton, he couldn't take the fact that I had married and moved to Houston, so, it wasn't long after that, he came down and stayed with me and my hubby at our apt. while he looked for a job. He got a job right away, and my Mom, and 2 sisters moved to Houston as well. Then, my brother and his wife came to Houston as well. Gosh, I could just go on and on about my Daddy, he was a great Man, a Great Father, I miss him dearly. My Dad is in Heaven with my Son, my Daughter, his son, and so many others. I promised my Dad on his deathbed, that he shouldn't worry about Momma, she would be taken care of. My hubby and I take care of her, seeing to her Dr. appts., taking her to Church, out to eat, shopping etc. He left behind 3 daughters, several grands and several great grands., also his loving wife of 59 years. We all love and miss you very much Daddy!
Jul 03, 2013 · posted to the person Harry Lee Barnes
Barbara Oldfield He was my baby boy! We had a girl first, and he caused me so much pain delivering him....I told my husband he had better be glad it was a boy, because I wasn't going to do it ever again. Nathan was a cute little baby, cute toddler, cute young boy. He grew into a handsome young Man. He was quite different from his sister, he stayed in his terrible 2's from the time he turned one! He was still in them when his life was cut short at the tender age of 18 years old. He was in love with a young lady named Wendy. If Nathan were still alive, I'm sure he would have had a few kids, he really loved them. Nathan preceded his older sister Jennifer to heaven. She suffered with A.L.S. for 5 years, but they are together again, as we all will be one day soon. Even tho' it's been since 1996 that we lost our beloved son, it feels as if it were just yesterday! Until we meet again, son, take care of your sister! Momma and Daddy love and miss you dearly!
Jun 30, 2013 · posted to the person Nathan Ray Oldfield
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