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About: I am looking for relative of Hendricks and Burge. Hendricks from WV. Murray Hendricks from Boardtree which is near Camron WV. He is my Great Great Grandfather. Patrick and Martha Agnes are my Great Grand Parents. Margaret Hendricks Burge is my Grandmother.

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My Great Grand Parents Martha Agnes Nov 24 1852 died Aug 30 1924 Patrick Joseph Jan 19 1853 died Dec 5 1925. There daughter Margaret Jane Hendricks Burge was my Grandmother. I loved her very much. She had a sister Willameana.
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Murray Hendricks Died Feb 1839 I think it says In His 39 year. Also there other names Sarah C. and Catherine A.
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My father when he was in the Air Force.
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John Thomas Burge and his brother Benjamin Burge
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John Thomas Burge and Margaret Jane Hendricks Wedding Photo
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