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Brian Hass In 1853, Lawrence "Larry" Farley was born in Meredosia, Morgan County, Illinois to Laurence and Mary (Goff) Farley. He was the youngest of their five children and was the first born outside of Ireland. Larry's mother died when he was only a year old. Afterwards, he moved with his family to live near Freeport in Waddam Township, Stephenson County, Illinois. Larry came to Dakota Territory in 1871, taking a preemption before returning to Illinois. He returned in 1874 or 1875, and filed on a homestead in Union County. In 1883, he proved up on the homestead, located in the northwest quarter of section 22 of Prairie Township. Larry was described as an industrious farmer who endured many of the hardships of pioneer life. In 1878, Larry married Elizabeth B. O'Connor, the daughter of James and Bridget (Jennings) O'Connor. The couple were parents to eleven children. These were James, Mary, Len, Charlotte, Ella, Alice, Phil, Frank, Julia, an unnamed baby, and Thomas. Thomas and the unnamed baby both died in infancy; and, their mother died on the day of Thomas' birth. Mary, Alice, and Phil never married. After the death of his wife, Larry Farley's home was cared for by his daughter, Mary. For over a year, Larry was in poor health, becoming paralyzed in the spring of 1916. He died on his farm in October of that same year. Larry was remembered as being a kind neighbor and devoted father.
Dec 09, 2004 · posted to the surname Farley
Brian Hass Laurence Farrelly was born in County Meath, Ireland. According to a story passed down orally, he was married three times, with the first and third wives being Catholic and the second being a Methodist. Records show his last wife was Mary Goff (or Gough). He and his wife lived in County Meath, Ireland, where their first four children were born. These were Anna, Patrick, James, and Mary Ann. The family lived about twenty miles from Dublin. According to an oral story passed down, the family slipped out of Ireland "in the middle of the night" because of the potato famine. The wife and four children arrived in New York on July 10, 1851 on the ship, Shannon. The family name was changed to Farley; and, the father, mother, and four children settled in Illinois. For a few years, the Farleys lived in the area of Meredosia, IL, where their fifth and last child, Lawrence, was born. The mother died when Lawrence was only a year old. Later, the family operated a farm in the area of Freeport, IL. The two sons, Patrick and James, served during the Civil War. During the 1870's, all members of the family, except James, moved to Union County in what is now South Dakota and homesteaded. The father and four of his five children were later buried there. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, many descendants of Laurence and Mary Farley were still living in the area of Beresford, SD. All of these were descended from their youngest son, Lawrence.
Sep 17, 2003 · posted to the surname Farley
Brian Hass Peter Joseph Lass was born in 1867 to Peter and Regina (Cooper) Lass at Sugar Creek, Iowa. At the age of four, he moved with his family to the Garryowen community in Union County, Dakota Territory. A few months later, his family moved to the community of Emmet, where Peter grew to adulthood. In the spring of 1892, Peter purchased a farm located four miles south of Beresford, South Dakota. In November of 1892, he married Mary "Mamie" J. McGuire; and, the couple were parents to three children. These were Margaret, James, and Mary. Mamie died only twelve days after the birth of her last child, Mary; and, Mary was raised by Joe and Katie McGuire until Peter Lass remarried. In 1905, Peter married his second wife, Katherine K. Kennedy. They had three more children. These were Thomas, Charlotte, and Grace. Peter's health failed during the last decade of his life. After spending fifty-one years living on his farm, he retired and moved to Beresford, SD in the spring of 1943. He died on December 24 of that same year.
Dec 09, 2004 · posted to the surname Lass
Brian Hass Peter Lass was born in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. He grew up on a farm in Germany until the age of fifteen. In 1852, he came to America with an uncle and spent the next three years working on a farm in Clinton County, Iowa. Peter married Regina Cooper at Sugar Creek, Iowa. The couple lived on land that they bought and owned in Jackson County, Iowa before eventually moving to Union County, Dakota Territory in 1870. The couple were parents to twelve children. Barbara, Mary, John, Peter, Tony, and Joe were born in Iowa. Katie, Ben, Henry, Nettie, Anna, and William were born after the family moved to Dakota Territory. The Lass family was reported to have lived next to and over the hill from the McGuire family; and, the Lass and McGuire children were said to have played together. John, Peter, Katie, Henry, and Anna married five children of James and Bessie (Swift) McGuire. Peter Lass was said to have loved raising evergreen trees and to have sold them as Christmas trees.
Jul 29, 2004 · posted to the surname Lass
Brian Hass Elizabeth "Bessie" Swift was born in County Managhan, Ireland in 1839. According to the Beresford Centennial book, she started for America with her father in 1855; but, he died of cholera on ship and was buried at sea. Bessie arrived in America alone at the age of seventeen. She went to Galena, IL, where she met and married James McGuire, who was born in 1830 in County Fermanaugh, Ireland. In 1870, the couple moved to Dakota Territory, where they homesteaded in Emmet township in Union County. James and Bessie McGuire had nine children together. These were Frank McGuire, Ellen "Nellie" O'Connor, James McGuire, Annie T. Lass, Mary "Mamie" J. Lass, John McGuire, Joe McGuire, Ben McGuire, and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lass. The house where they lived was reported to have still been standing and being occupied as recently as 1984.
Oct 24, 2003 · posted to the surname Mcguire
Brian Hass Records fouind by R. Jennings show that Lawrence Farley's name was originally spelled "Laurence Farrelly" in Ireland and then "Laurence Farley" in the United States. Later records (including his grave marker inscription) spelled his name as "Lawrence Farley."
Sep 19, 2013 · posted to the person Lawrence Farley
Brian Hass James O'Connor was born to Michael and Elizabeth (Betts) O'Connor in Limerick County, Ireland. He arrived in Canada as a boy and lived in Rawdon, Quebec for a number of years. In 1848, James married Bridget Jennings, who was born to Michael and Bridget (Donaghy) Jennings in Kerry County, Ireland. In 1854, the O'Connors moved to Wisconsin and spent their next nineteen years in the area of Elizabethtown/New Lisbon. The couple had eleven children: Patrick, Michael, Mary Ann, Joseph Corey, Elizabeth B., James William, Sarah Jane, Katherine Agnes, John J, Peter, and Francis. At some point, the couple also adopted a son named John McCabe. In 1872, James and Bridget brought their children; Patrick, Michael, and Mary; from New Lisbon, Wisconsin to Emmet Township, Dakota Territory. Each filed for a quarter of land in the township and then built small shacks on the land to make improvement to fulfill the Homestead Act. Patrick and Michael were reported to have farmed; while, Mary was reported to have cooked, washed, and sewed. When Patrick fell ill in 1874 and was no longer able to cultivate, James and Bridget brought the rest of the family down from New Lisbon, Wisconsin to Dakota Territory. Patrick O'Connor's burial was the earliest on record for St. Joseph Cemetery.
Sep 18, 2003 · posted to the surname O'Connor
Brian Hass The Lawrence Farley, Sr. family came to America from Ireland in 1851 and settled in Illinois, and then moved to Dakota Territory during the 1870's, most still living there into the early 1900's (and, a number still live there today).
Mar 16, 2004 · posted to the photo Gravestone of Lawrence Farley, Sr.