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Carl Crosby was with my father Richard Massey and his father Charles R. Massey. Carl was a pall bearer for Charles R. Massey in 1955. Hoping someone will...
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Starting from the left John Aungst, Sister's Mary Ruth Florence Fern ,John's wife behind him Lula Taken at Lake Odessa Michigan about 1953-1954
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Carl Crosby or Moose as my father,Richard Massey, called him was a pallbearer at my grandfather's funeral, Charles R. Massey,this isone of two photos I have...
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Aungst family reunion starting from the left John and his wife Lula Aungst,and his sisters Sadie,Florence Mary and behind Mary, Fern
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This Photo may be photo Of William Henry and Catherine Jane Parker, With three of their Children may have been taken in Michigan not sure what county.
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Far right is Mary Love Foster(small lady) Gray hair man in back is William Love,Mary's brother. Lady in wheel chair may be Elizabeth Stice Parker. Elizabeth...
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This photo was sent to me by email found in an attic in Ohio.The man looks like my father.I have been told the photo was taken around the civil war era . On...
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Carolann Padgett Lottie Grant(Elizabeth Charlotte Stice) is my greatgreatgrandmother her son William Henry Parker was her son, he is my greatgrandfather
Mar 19, 2004 · posted to the photo Lottie Grant (Elizabeth Charlotte Stice)
Carolann Padgett I have a William Doty in my family tree he was married to a Massey and they lived in Clinton County, Michigan where does this William Doty come from
Jan 22, 2003 · posted to the photo William Joseph Doty